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Reiki T​reatments 

Reiki is a non invasive hands-on healing technique, which promotes relaxation and well-being by re balancing the whole body

Treatment times: 30 minutes and 60​ minutes

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Reiki Teaching

Come in and learn the ancient practice of Reiki, we offer courses in: 

Reiki First Degree

Reiki Second Degree

Reiki Master 

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Seichim Energy Therapy 

Seichim is a non invasive hands on energy therapy, which originated in Eygpt. Seichim works on realigning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by balancing the yin-female aspect. It works with the Chakra system especially the Heart Chakra. Seichim therapy can be used as a stand alone treatment or can be combined with Reiki

Ion Spa Detox

​​​This foot detox treatment draws toxins from the body using an electrical array 

Treatment times: 30 minutes

Wellness Courses

​​Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre is an IICT approved training provider for the following courses:

  • Basic Feng Shui
  • Manifestation
  • Basic Crystal Care
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Help From Above 
  • Basic Numerology
  • Why? Why Not?

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