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New Moon and a Partial Solar Eclipse

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well as if we don’t have enough going on with the New moon and a partial solar eclipse just happening and a full moon total lunar eclipse coming on the 28th September, we are about to go through our last Mercury retrograde for 2015 it is starting on Thursday 17th September until Friday 9th October.

What can we expect? Mercury governs communications so back up your computers as equipment can play up or malfunction. Don’t sign any documents that you don’t perfectly understand, as contracts signed during this period may come up for review again. Be open and honest in all communications during this period. Travel during a Mercury retrograde can be frustrating, be flexible as arrangements can be altered or cancelled at a moments notice. Physically you may have more headaches than normal drink plenty of water.

Keep a notebook handy and write down anything that happens during the period as we usually have three Mercury retrogrades a year.

Believe & Trust Lee-Anne

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