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A Story From One Of Our Clients

After being told throughout the whole of my pregnancy that I was high risk. I couldn’t think of anything better for me and my unborn baby and that was to have regular Reiki treatments.

We went twice a week for 9 months. I never got gestational diabetes and I worked till the week before he was born. My unborn would move with Lee-Anne’s hands then afterwards it would settle and rest for the afternoon.

I do believe each session helped me and bubs get stronger through the pregnancy. My labour was only 2 hours with no complications and Beau was a healthy weight of 8.01 pounds.

Yesterday my one week old boy and I had our first Reiki treatment since his birth. I felt great as usual and Beau came home and slept for 6 hours and was very content all night, just like he was back in the womb.

Beau loves his Reiki at Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre
Beau is 10 weeks in the photos

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