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Wellness Courses

Basic Feng Shui Course

In this course you will discover the nine sections of the three gates bagua. Wealth, Fame and Reputation, Marriage and Relationship, Health and Family, Tai Chi Centre, Children and Creativity, Knowledge and Travel. Find out how to activate them. What enhancements to use. How to clear negativity. By activating the sections you can create a balanced and harmonious home

Manifestation Course 

In this course you will learn how you can use the moon to manifest your dreams.Why, affirmations and visualisation techniques can be used daily to achieve goals. Also learn how easy it is to make manifestation boards and boxes.

Basic Crystal Course

In this course you will learn how to identify the different crystal formations, tumblestone, cluster etc.  How to choose a crystal for a particular reason e.g. Self love through Rose Quartz. How to program a crystal and the different cleansing techniques that can be used to recharge your crystal.

Help from Above Course 

In this course you will be introduced to a number of archangels that can be called on to help you at anytime for different situations. For example did you know you can call on archangel Micheal for protection? You will also learn simple techniques to use to call on your angel and spirit guides.

Believe in Yourself Course

In this course you will learn how to strengthen your intuition to believe in yourself. Why grounding yourself and de-cluttering is important as well as simple meditation techniques

Why? Why Not?

There are simple techniques that you can implement into your daily life that will see you living the life you have always dreamed of. This course covers all the content from the above courses as well as introducing you into Reiki, The Chakra’s and more.

Project Lotus 

Is a course that offers positive change through self-help. Learning new modalities and techniques designed to help with stripping away old thought patterns, blocks and limitations. Reiki helps with the physical, health with the body. Seichim – mind, body and soul. Other modalities- visualisation, new moon wishes, affirmations, self-belief are all manifestation tools. Full moon releasing, clearing negativity, clutter clearing are releasing practises. You will also learn about the chakras, crystals, meditation, intuition, grounding, law of attraction, signs, spirit guides and Archangels.

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