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About the Report

The report was created in April 2012 and it’s purpose is “to survey the science of measuring and understanding subjective well-being.” The report ranks 156  countries based on their their happiness levels. The report each year focuses an underlying theme. This year the focus was migration.


Results and Interesting Findings

  • The top five overall happiest countries were Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland.
  • Australia was ranked 10th overall and America was ranked 18th.
  • It is interesting to note, that Israel was ranked 11th and Costa Rica 13th. They both have a higher happiness ranking than the US and UK.


Correlations Between Different Groups

  • Northern European countries have thrived due to putting there happiness down to objective factors such as; freedom, having a strong economy and social connections as well as good life expectancy.
  • African countries were ranked quite poorly despite there increase in happiness since the first report in  2012.
  • Countries with strong economies were significantly happier and this can be shown specifically through the European nations.
  • Migrants in first world countries were significantly happier then other nations.
  • It was also interesting to note that immigrants were about as happy as people born locally.
  • The happiness of immigrants also came down to how they were accepted by the locals.
  • Refugees despite having a significant increase in happiness after fleeing there country was dependent on there acceptance by locals.
  • Lastly it is interesting to note that migrants are less happy then rural and urban dwellers.



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