Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre offers a range of wellness products and services to help maintain your health and wellness.  These include:

Reiki Therapy

  • Reiki Australia Certified Clinic.
  • Reiki Australia Accredited Practitioner
  • Treatment Times: 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Combined Reiki/Seichim treatments: 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Absent/Distant Healing: group or private 

Ion Spa Foot Detox

  • ​​​This foot detox treatment draws toxins from the body using an electrical array 
  • Treatment times: 30 minutes

Reiki Teaching 

  • ​​Reiki First Degree
  • Reiki  Second Degree     
  • Reiki Third Degree Masters

Seichim Energy Therapy 

Seichim is a non invasive hands on energy therapy, which originated in Eygpt. Seichim works on realigning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by balancing the yin-female aspect. It works with the Chakra system especially the Heart Chakra. Seichim therapy can be used as a stand alone treatment or can be combined with Reiki  

  • Treatment times: 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Seichim/Reiki treatments: 30 minutes or 60 minutes

Wellness Courses 

​​Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre is an IICT approved training provider:

  • Basic Feng Shui
  • Manifestation
  • Basic Crystal Care
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Help From Above 
  • Basic Numerology
  • Why? Why not?
  • Project Lotus

Manifestation Courses

The content covered in this course is the following:

  • Visualisation
  • Affirmations
  • Full Moon Releasing
  • New Moon Wishes
  • Manifestation Boxes & Boards

Basic Crystal Course

The content covered in this course is the following:

  • The Different types of Crystal formations

  • Cleansing techniques

  • Choosing a Crystal

  • Programming a Crystal

Believe in Yourself

The content covered in this course is the following:

  • Self Belief

  • Intuition

  • Grounding

  • De-clutter

  • Meditation

Help from Above

The content covered in this course is the following:

  • Angels
  • Archangels and Spirit Guides. Who are they and how can they help?

Basic Feng Shui

The content covered in this course is the following:

  • What is Feng Shui?
  • Three Gates Bagua
  • What are the 9 sections in Feng Shui and enhancements to activate the sections ?

Project Lotus 

  • Reiki First Degree   
  • Full moon releasing
  • Clearing Negativity 
  • Clutter clearing
  • Visualisation         
  • New moon wishes
  • Affirmations  
  • Self-Belief
  • Seichim First Degree
  • Intuition         
  • Grounding
  • Chakra’s         
  • Crystal’s
  • Law of Attraction     
  • Signs
  • Spirit Guides       
  • Archangels

Opening Hours

Monday: 9.30am to 4pm

Tuesday: 9.30am to 4pm 

Wednesday: Closed  

Thursday: 9.30am to 4pm

Thursday Evening: – By Appointment

Friday: 9.30am to 4pm 

Saturday: By Appointment

Sunday: Closed 

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