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My Journey 2003 to the Present


Welcome. My name is Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman this part of my journey started in 2003 when I attended a Basic Feng Shui Course, during the course I met a lady who lived in the same town as I and offered a weekly meditation class at her home. I attended the weekly class for ten years in which time I was introduced to a variety of topics and techniques that could help to bring balance into my life. Some I resonated with some not. One technique I resonated with was Reiki in 2003/2004 I became attuned to Reiki First and Second Degrees. On the 8th of February 2005 I became a Reiki Master, in June that year I was fortunate to travel to Mt Kurama, Kyoto and Tokyo Japan to visit the birthplace of Reiki as well as Mikao Usui’s memorial stone. I continue to study and expand my knowledge base.



Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre 

After practising at home giving treatments to family and friends I decided to open a shopfront where other people could receive the benefits of Reiki. The centre started out small offering only Reiki treatments and selling some items, candles, crystals and Feng Shui items. Five years later we have moved to larger premises offering Reiki Therapy, Reiki Teaching, Wellness Courses: Meditation, Basic Feng Shui, Manifestation, Introduction to Crystals and more. We also sell and stock locally made items.



Why? Why Not? Don’t let fear stop you from living your dream. The book.

I had been approached by a couple of friends and they asked me if I would be interested in teaching them meditation and other techniques that I had learned over the years I looked at what I could offer and began putting together weekly worksheets for them. I enjoyed the process and would get excited when they would see results. The feedback was encouraging.

In September 2013 Karen Lane a local writer was speaking at an event I was at and she was starting up a weekly writers group. She asked if there was anyone who would be interested in attending, and if they had ever thought of writing a book. With some encouragement from Karen I signed up. I wanted to strengthen my writing skills so that I could expand on what I was teaching the girls and offer the workshops to other people.

The book was a continuation of the wellness courses. I decided what did I know and how could I help people to help themselves? I stripped all the content back to basic easy to understand steps, including a case study per chapter. The book was written with the idea of helping regular people start their journey, opening them to techniques that can improve their life that they may have never considered before. All of the practices in the book work and I personally have been using them for over fourteen years. In April 2015 the book was published by Balboa Press, both in paperback and as an e-book



Meditation Album

I found that a lot of people who are new to meditation can struggle with quieting their minds and all say they don’t have the time to sit and meditate. With this in mind I have recorded a meditation album that can be used in conjunction with the book as it covers twelve of the topics, or it can be used as a stand alone album. Times vary from six to ten minutes. They are a guided meditation format. The meditation starts with slowing and deepening your breathing, then continues onto the theme of the meditation, then you return to the breathing exercise and ground yourself.

The album is currently available for sale on USB



Intuitive Guidance Cards 

I created my Intuitive Guidance Cards to use as a tool in strengthening your intuition. By working with the cards daily, asking questions and noticing the meaning of the cards you will start to notice how the cards you choose resonate with the events taking place in your life.

Intuitive Guidance Cards release date 1st September 2017.

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Reiki Teaching

Reiki First Degree

Reiki first degree is all about the hands on treatment for ones self, family and friends. In the first degree training, you will cover the history of Reiki, your Reiki lineage and Reiki precepts and symbols. You will receive a Manuel covering hand positions, for self-treatment and treating others. You will be attuned to the Reiki First Degree symbol, the Cho-Ku-Rei and receive a certificate.


Reiki Second Degree

Reiki Second Degree training expands on your previous Reiki training and you receive two further symbols, the Sei-Hi-Ki the emotional symbol and the Hon-Sha-She-Sho-Nen distance symbol. By receiving these symbols you don’t have to apply the Reiki through the hands on approach you can send it remotely to people who are some distance away. You will receive the attunements, manual and a certificate. PLEASE NOTE: You will have to show proof that you are already attuned to Reiki First Degree.


Reiki Master 

Reiki Master training may help take up to a year before you receive your mastery. One of the key points to becoming a Reiki Master is you need to develop a lifestyle a lifestyle that supports a deepening relationship with Reiki.


Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman is Accredited:



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Reiki Treatments

Can Reiki Hurt Me ?

No Reiki is a safe and gentile practice that can be used daily. Reiki works by restoring a balance to your whole body. Because we have very busy lifestyles we don’t always get to rest and have our bodies fully relax. Our bodies own natural healing system can’t work if our bodies are in a constant fight/flight it needs to rest/digest to work.

Clinical trials have shown your bodies nervous system relaxes during a Reiki treatment and in doing so your body relaxes consequently slowing your breathing. You may also experience heat, cold tingling and pulsing sensations and a reduction in pain at a particular place you may be having trouble with.


What Happens During a Reiki Treatment ?

You are asked to lie or sit comfortably usually usually on a massage table, either forcing up or lying down. You are fully clothed except for your shoes. The Reiki practitioner will then place or hover their hands over your body. A treatment consists of a sequence of hand positions.

Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre is a Reiki Australia Certified Clinic:


Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman is an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practioner:


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Wellness Courses

Basic Feng Shui Course

In this course you will discover the nine sections of the three gates bagua. Wealth, Fameond Reputation, Marriage and Relationship, Health and Family, Tai Chi Centre, Children and Creativity, Knowledge and Travel. Find out how to activate them. What enhancements to use. How to clear negativity. By activating the sections you can create a balanced and harmonious home

Manifestation Course 

In this course you will learn how you can use the moon to manifest your dreams.Why, affirmations and visualisation techniques can be used daily to achieve goals. Also learn how easy it is to make manifestation boards and boxes.

Basic Crystal Course

In this course you will learn how to identify the different crystal formations, tumblestone, cluster etc.  How to choose a crystal for a particular reason e.g. Self love through Rose Quartz. How to program a crystal and the different cleansing techniques that can be used to recharge your crystal.

Help from Above Course 

In this course you will be introduced to a number of archangels that can be called on to help you at anytime for different situations. For example did you know you can call on archangel Micheal for protection? You will also learn simple techniques to use to call on your angel and spirit guides.

Believe in Yourself Course

In this course you will learn how to strengthen your intuition to believe in yourself. Why grounding yourself and de-cluttering is important as well as simple meditation techniques

Why? Why Not?

There are simple techniques that you can implement into your daily life that will see you living the life you have always dreamed of. This course covers all the content from the above courses as well as introducing you into Reiki, The Chakrais and more.

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A Story From One Of Our Clients

After being told throughout the whole of my pregnancy that I was high risk. I couldn’t think of anything better for me and my unborn baby and that was to have regular Reiki treatments.

We went twice a week for 9 months. I never got gestational diabetes and I worked till the week before he was born. My unborn would move with Lee-Anne’s hands then afterwards it would settle and rest for the afternoon.

I do believe each session helped me and bubs get stronger through the pregnancy. My labour was only 2 hours with no complications and Beau was a healthy weight of 8.01 pounds.

Yesterday my one week old boy and I had our first Reiki treatment since his birth. I felt great as usual and Beau came home and slept for 6 hours and was very content all night, just like he was back in the womb.

Beau loves his Reiki at Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre
Beau is 10 weeks in the photos
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New Moon and a Partial Solar Eclipse

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well as if we don’t have enough going on with the New moon and a partial solar eclipse just happening and a full moon total lunar eclipse coming on the 28th September, we are about to go through our last Mercury retrograde for 2015 it is starting on Thursday 17th September until Friday 9th October.

What can we expect? Mercury governs communications so back up your computers as equipment can play up or malfunction. Don’t sign any documents that you don’t perfectly understand, as contracts signed during this period may come up for review again. Be open and honest in all communications during this period. Travel during a Mercury retrograde can be frustrating, be flexible as arrangements can be altered or cancelled at a moments notice. Physically you may have more headaches than normal drink plenty of water.

Keep a notebook handy and write down anything that happens during the period as we usually have three Mercury retrogrades a year.

Believe & Trust Lee-Anne

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Super Full Moon Eclipse

​Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you are well. During this time until the Super Full Moon Eclipse on Monday 28th September. We have a window where we might receive guidance or signs intuitively on what action we are suppose to be taking to fulfill our personal projects. It is best at this time to keep your wishes and personal projects to yourself, as you do not want anyone copying them until you are ready to pursue them for yourself. Please be open to receiving this guidance you never know it could be the best thing for you. Write everything down so you can continue to read over the information in the months ahead.
Believe & Trust Lee-Anne