Overview – Judith

​​​I have followed a belief in Reiki for several years. In early 2016 I met Lee-Anne at the Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre and had a series of Reiki sessions with her. In late June 2016, with Lee-Anne as my Reiki Master, I attained my First Degree Reiki. With daily practise for the next 18 months Reiki has helped me through a major knee operation as well as many personal/family issues. This year, again with Lee-Anne as my Reiki Master I attained Second Level Reiki. This has taken my Reiki to a whole new level. I love doing distance Reiki healings, and Reiki/massage for my husband.

Lee-Anne’s book – Why? Why Not? – is wonderfully written and a good resource to remind me that I can do anything I want – I just need to believe in myself.

Although I still struggle daily with self-belief and clearing my negativity,  I try to follow through with full moon healing and new moon wishes.

The Jasmine Sky Wellness Centre is a wonderful space and Lee-Anne offers many modalities to suit anyone of us searching for a purpose

Distance/Hands on Reiki – Louise

​​​During my three months of chemotherapy for breast cancer I received daily distance Reiki and weekly hands on Reiki from Lee-Anne. My experience of chemotherapy was physically very demanding as I experienced most of the long list of side effects. Both the distance and hands on Reiki helped me to cope and continue to the end of treatment. Despite the physical demands, Lee-Anne’s distance Reiki helped me to stay balanced, at peace and positive. I was able to feel loved and supported and this helped me to be with, rather than fight against my physical symptoms. I am convinced that the regular Reiki throughout treatment also helped me to detox quickly after the chemotherapy ended, restoring my physical health and well-being. I would highly recommend Reiki, either hands on or distance, for anyone experiencing physical illness or emotional or soulful distress. Lee-Anne is a powerful practitioner with a wealth of experience with distance Reiki and its application. I recommend her not only as a client, but as a highly respected fellow Reiki practitioner, from whom I continue to receive regular Reiki sessions to this day.

Affirmations – Sharon

​​​I believe that affirmations are a part of our life from an early age. It starts with Mum or Dads encouraging words “you can do it” to our own thoughts “I can do this”.

It wasn’t until I started with Lee-Anne’s Manifestation Course that I began to understand the full significance of what they can achieve.
My brain is like many others and  I feel like it rarely shuts off. I started with a simple affirmation of – I am peace. It surprised me how quickly I was able to incorporate this simple sentence into my life. Before too long the reciting of these words, at any time, would allow me to stop, take a deep breath and feel that peace – if only in that instant.

I understand the importance of words and how we use them so for me the action and power of affirmations rings true.

Manifestation – Amy-Leigh

​​​A few months ago, I did a course on manifestation. I was someone who didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself and what I was capable of and through doing this course I learnt this was not the case. Manifestation is about believing that anything is possible.

With the help of Lee-Anne, I have learnt that I am stronger than I thought. Thanks to the support I was given, I have changed how I think about things. To begin with, I had a fear, that what I wished for wouldn’t turn out like I wanted it too, I didn’t have the confidence to pursue these wishes. Things like my relationship, work and my plan to travel were just some things I wished to pursue but I was scared.

The first thing I was taught was positive thinking. And that really has gotten me through so much, to change my way of thinking and go from, I don’t know if I can do this, to I can! We created a magical creation box “whatever is contained in this box is”. I had the chance to write down the things I would like to achieve or things that I wished for.

Saying I could do something was one thing, but through being able to talk to people and express what I was feeling allowed me to believe in myself and what I was capable of.

Today I can look back and think how I have changed throughout the past months. I have had the most amazing experiences, I am in a relationship and I have had the opportunity to travel through the UK and Europe. A year ago I would never have believed in myself as much as I do now. I have gained so much more confidence in the past year and I do owe this a lot to Lee-Anne. In particular being able to talk to Leanne and her daughter, who gave me strength to follow my dreams.

Manifestation is something people may not think of very often. I see it as believing in anything. Positive thinking leads to self-belief and self-belief leads to possibilities. If you believe in something, you can achieve it.

True Case Experience- Crystal

​​​Being a young adult, when your mum tells you something like New Moon Wishes you don’t believe her straight away.

I’ve been through a lot in the 18 years I’ve been alive and trying the New Moon Wishes was one of the best things because it works. After just coming out of a traumatic time in my life mum told me to write all my new moon wishes out. Things that I want for myself in the near future. Some of the things like for my Nan to overcome cancer and be healthy and happy again didn’t come exactly like I wanted it to, but I know she’s healthy up in heaven. However things like being able to be myself, having self-confidence, being good enough and being able to let myself fall in love were huge things that have happened thanks to New Moon Wishes.

I encourage everyone to try it. It might sound silly, but I don’t mind how silly it sounds because I know it works, and I know it’s going to help me a lot In the future. So thank you mum for showing this to me.

Grounding – Michelle

​​​In this world of so much to do and so little time I often find my mind racing and getting so overrun with thoughts that achieving things gets impossible as my mind gets muddled. I find grounding myself with meditation and visualisation of myself being attached to the ground so calming, leaving me with so much inner peace that everything looks so much more happy and possible

Reiki Works – S


​​​I was introduced to reiki many years ago, by a lovely exchange student from Japan who lived with my family for several years.

I didn’t understand how it worked back then, and to be honest I don’t know now. However what I do now is that it works!

I was born with Cerebral Palsy which makes me more susceptible to injuries, particularly muscular. I have discovered that Reiki treatments really encourages healing for me.

2 examples of this are:

  1. A few years ago, I had done between a grade two and three muscle tear. This took months of physio, scans, stretching exercises and calf support braces to recover. Even then, if I moved the wrong way I would find myself re-injuring it. This went on for well over a year. I met Lee-Anne 15 months after first hurting my calf muscle. I had just re ‘twinged’ my injury and was rather distressed that regardless of what I did to treat it, it just kept giving me grief. Lee-Anne offered to do a Reiki treatment and I haven’t required another physio appointment for my leg since, and its nearly four years since my injury, I have had no trouble with it since that Reiki session.
  2. A more recent example is with my back. I have ongoing back problems due to my CP condition. I have hurt my lower back many times and it can cause me a great deal of pain. A couple of months ago, I had hurt my lower back again, I find that remedial massages can help when I have muscular pain and if the pain is related to my disks, I usually require physio to get the disks/vertebrae back into alignment. Sometimes, I can treat it myself with exercises given to me by my physio. But this time, it was continuing to cause me pain. I was having trouble getting to a physio or remedial massage appointment due to work commitments, so I made a quick 30 minute appointment with Lee-Anne in my lunch break. The following day, I realised that I had woken up pain free from my back pain, which was a huge relief after several weeks of discomfort.

With my medical condition I find ongoing remedial massages to relax the muscles beneficial, and occasionally physiotherapy is required when I have a more serious injury. However, Reiki just seems to keep me “in tune.” Everyone is different, but for me I can actually feel the Reiki working on injured areas during the treatment. It definitely helps encourage healing for me. So much so, that I have decided to be attuned to Reiki 1, so I can encourage some ongoing healing myself in between Reiki treatment with Lee-Anne.

I am so grateful for having found such a great Reiki therapist so close to home.

Crystals – Amy-Leigh

​​​For me, the crystals are a personal measure of strength. I was given a Rose Quartz as a gift, from Lee-Anne and her daughter. They chose this crystal with meaning behind it, strength, happiness and love being a few. Still to this day this crystal has gotten me through so much. Back in December 2013, I went overseas for 6 months. For me this was such a big thing, being away from my family and friends and my lifestyle over here. It was a whole new world over there. There were times that I struggled and gave myself a strong case of anxiety. Throughout these months, the crystal (which is in a necklace) never left me. I know that when I needed to feel strong and better about what I was doing, all I needed to do was hold on and think about all the positives. To think back about the two people that gave me this and why.

True Case Experience – Crystal

​​​When I was little, and I would be in my room getting ready to go to sleep I use to be afraid of the “people” in my room. Mum told me they were angels protecting my room whilst I slept and not to be afraid of them. Of course only being really young I still was. So mum found a prayer for the angels to look after me and not to scare me whilst I was trying to get to sleep. 13 years later I still say it when I feel scared or alone some nights. Thank you mum for bringing me that sense of comfort and helping me to overcome the fear.

Clutter Experience – Susan

​​​I have learnt many techniques from Lee-Anne that have helped me in my everyday life.

De-cluttering my home helped me to de-clutter my mind.

Clutter in my home makes me feel angry and embarrassed.   I am constantly apologising for the mess and I’m always losing things.

I have to write lists so I do not forget both important and everyday things.

By de-cluttering areas in my home, it has created space, I feel a sense of achievement and my mind feels less overwhelmed.

De-cluttering can be as simple as tidying a kitchen drawer, or as big as cleaning out an entire wardrobe full of years of ‘stuff’.

When I de-cluttered my wardrobe, I found money in pockets and handbags.

My wardrobe is in the Wealth section of my house with regards to Feng Shui, so not only did I clean out unwanted junk and free my mind, but I was a little richer too.

Clearing Negativity – Smudging by Michelle

​​​Brushing away negativity helps me cope in many situations.

I really love to smudge. I live in a house with a husband that has anger issues and a teenager with emotional problems. It has taken time but has made a big difference in their disposition and smudging has been the major change in our home. To me it feels like I have made a fresh start.

Overview – Michelle

​​​I don’t really know where I would be without Lee-Anne and the many strategies and information contained in the book which she has passed on to me. It has helped me cope with Depression, Anxiety Ill Health and Self Esteem issues. It has given me so much hope and a huge amount of enjoyment learning from her. I am sure I will continue to learn and thrive from her knowledge and teachings for a long time to come.

Overall – Emma

​​​My experience is one that many middle age women experience but don’t know what to do to help or change themselves and their thinking.I am a 40+ lady that loves horse riding.  After having a very safe and knowledgeable 20 year old horse I had to retire him as he was not able to keep up with the challenges, steep hills and chasing cattle that I liked to do, so into my life came a new young 5 year old horse.

I rode out on short rides with a lot of anxiety but I pushed through it.  I am I admit a nervous rider.  If you know anything about horses a nervous rider makes a young horse nervous.  Why I hear you asking if I am nervous did I get one so young, well for anybody who is not nervous he is calm, so I thought I could grow with him.

One day out riding we became our own worst enemies, a dead bush around the back of his leg was our undoing.  He shied and I fell off with a very painful landing, and multiple bruises.  I did get back on as I wasn’t alone but anything I thought he might shy at again I would be off and walking.

I loved riding but all of a sudden I couldn’t do it anymore.  The more I thought about riding the more I had anxiety and panic attacks, I couldn’t breathe and would feel nauseous, I even gave myself shingles from worrying.

That’s where Lee-Anne from Jasmine sky entered, because I loved riding and my horse was a good horse I wanted to get past this fear and do what I loved doing, Riding!

I approached Lee-Anne and couldn’t even tell her of my problem without crying, I was devastated to think I may have to give up my hobby I love, I asked if there was anything that could be done to help me.

I made an appointment and in a teary account of my problem we started on what I hoped would be something that would get me past my fears.

We started with a confidence mediation that I could work on and some projection exercises, to start with I felt like a failure as in my projection I could not ride past the place I had fallen.

At my next visit we worked on my release of all the things I couldn’t get past. I was hesitant but as I relaxed I felt it really helped.  Because I had released some of my built up baggage of anxiety I found my next manifestation visit worked wonders, I could actually feel myself moving forward mentally if not physically.

The next time I went out to my horse I was very nervous but I had worked up the confidence in my whole being that I felt I could put it in to practice.  I did get on and I did ride, still with trepidation but I was on and moving forward in my thinking, I was erasing the negative thoughts and replacing them with confident positive ones.

My meditation sessions and my release sessions helped me get through the worst of my anxiety.  I still have a way to go but I’m riding and competing again and if it wasn’t for the sessions with Lee-Anne, I would not have got past my fears and would be not pursuing the thing that I love.